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Brave the Dark



Nate Busko has spent 12 of his 17 years running from the past.  Fed up with being shunted from one foster home to another, he now lives in his car, dining on cornhusks and using track practice as an opportunity for a shower.  By the time night falls he couldn’t be more different from the confident, swaggering persona of school.  Alone, he is haunted by fragments of traumatic memories from his past.

 Enter Stan Deen a popular high school drama teacher dealing with his own issues.  He sees Nate’s latent talent and need for care and guidance  where no other teacher has and sets out to help.  But in a startling event, Nate is arrested in the middle of school and marched off in handcuffs.  Stan follows Nate to the police station and not only organises bail but agrees to take Nate into his own home, despite the raised eyebrows he receives from his fellow teachers.

 Stan is prepared to do all he can to help his troubled student.  But the question is, can someone really be  helped if you’re not willing to help themselves?