Our mission is to unite redeeming
themes with world-class cinema
Investment Opportunities

Our Process



Effective film development requires great concepts (turned into an even better scripts) to be paired with noted directors, who will attract marketable talent. When in place, a producer is able to use this ‘development package’ to pre-sell the film – securing distribution both in the US and internationally.



Financially, the result is that the film’s production budget is mostly paid for by the marketplace. This means that the actual production of the film will be paid in advance by distribution sales – as well as various tax credits (government incentives for shooting in a certain country or state).



As is the nature of development, Inspiring Films has multiple projects on its slate – most notably Brave The Dark, the true life story of a troubled teen with a mysterious past whose life is transformed by the unconditional love of a selfless high school teacher.



Investors interested in securing a stake in Inspiring Films should make contact and we will arrange an appointment to discuss the opportunities.